Can Canadians Play Offshore?

The wise online casino player in British Columbia, Canada always makes sure that what they are doing is legal. There is no reason to risk losing your winnings, or worse, face criminal prosecution when all you are trying to do is have some fun. That's why Canadian players need to choose the right offshore casinos.

Can Canadians Gamble Offshore?

How to Choose Offshore Casinos

The first question to ask is, "Is it even legal to gamble outside of my jurisdiction?" The short answer is, yes, it is legal for British Columbia and Canadian players to gamble at offshore online casinos.

The long answer is that the rules surrounding online gambling are vague and outdated. The most pertinent rule regarding gambling is that it is illegal in Canada to frequent an unlicensed betting house. Well, since you can't physically be inside an online betting establishment, it is safe to assume that the authorities can't prosecute you under this law, and so you are free to access gambling websites as far as this side of the border is concerned.

What constitutes a legal versus illegal casino is up to each Province's jurisdiction. That's helpful as gambling at a physical location is concerned, but how does that relate to making an online wager? The relevance is that the legality depends largely on the locale.

Relevant Laws

Before you choose a website to place your bets, you must be aware of the rules that govern each specific casino targetting BC. Are they allowed to accept wagers from outside their country? Are they in compliance with other local laws, and are they fully regulated? If you are unwilling to do some research on the sites you frequent, then be warned that you might be caught doing something you shouldn't.

Go Where You Know

Instead of trying some obscure offshore casino, go to the sites that you know are trustworthy and compliant with the relevant codes. If you aren't familiar with any off the top of your head, check forums and blogs that offer up-to-date lists of safe casinos to play at. Ask your friends who are already playing at some of these establishments. And, finally, check each website's certifications and make sure they are licensed.


Another, very relevant consideration is taxation. In Canada, the winnings that you earn outside of the country do not fall under Canadian tax codes. That means that if you win the jackpot at a legal offshore casino, you can be confident that all of your newfound wealth will stay in your pocket.

First Nations Sovereignty

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One other Canadian law of note is that First Nations territories are legally considered offshore, though physically connected. A good example of this is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. One of the biggest servers for online gambling in the world, neither Quebec nor Canadian gambling laws pertain to any sites hosted here.

Not only do you not have to worry about your province's laws, but you also don't have to worry about giving up a portion of your cash when you play at an offshore casino. For this reason, playing offshore is a good way to be sure you comply with the law as a Canadian player while keeping all of your winnings.